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A practical guide to early years communication and language development.

This early years communication and language development guide is
designed for teachers, early years practitioners and school leaders who
work with children from birth to age five to provide practical advice on
developing communication and language in the classroom.

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Communication is the key to
lifelong success.

From tiny babies to adults, we all need to communicate to find
our path in life and flourish.

So - what difference does good communication make to
children? The answer is significant.

According to research by Public Health England, over 50% of
children in the UK are entering reception having some form of
speech or language delay. Therefore, early years practitioners
have a vital role in ensuring that all children thrive by learning
how to communicate effectively.

This guide breaks down the dos and don'ts of creating an
environment that develops a child's speech, language and
communication skills for early years practitioners. What's more -
it provides practical tips on how to do this both at home and at
school and ways of working with parents and carers to ensure
that the child has plenty of opportunities to develop.

What's inside?

This guide explores the ins and outs of children's communication and language skills in early
years and some great tips for developing a child’s communication in their setting.

Through this guide, you will:



Unpack why some children have
difficulties with communication.


Learn a variety of new approaches to
communication and language
development that can be used both in
school and at home.


Explore the pivotal role of early years
practitioners in communication and
language development.


Combine teaching theories with
practical activity plans.


Discover a vast array of practical tips to
develop a child's speech, language and
communication skills.


Develop an understanding of the roles
that pictures, modelled language and
oral rehearsal play in developing a child’s
communication and language skills.

About Chatta

The Chatta approach is a powerful classroom method that
removes barriers to learning for all students of all ages and in all

Chatta has proved to be an indispensable tool for early years
practitioners. By turning experiences into stories, the Chatta
approach transforms learning in the crucial Early Years
Foundation Stage.

Modelled language, visual scaffolding and frequent
opportunities for oral rehearsal all ensure that children can turn
their thoughts into words. As a result, they become confident
speakers who can communicate their ideas effectively.

Chatta is also a valuable tool for helping the child to develop
their communication both in their early years setting and at

About Chatta

Don't just take our word for it

"Chatta's simple step by step
approach to improving
children's confidence,
vocabulary and knowledge
is so easy to implement."

Abi Rodgers
Assistant Headteacher

"Chatta is really helping
children to be better
communicators, and it has
been life-changing."

Gabrielle Deed
Special Needs Co-ordinator

"Chatta is working a treat!
The vocabulary the children
are now using is amazing."

Fiona Henry
EYFS Leader

"I feel so passionate about
the positive effects that
Chatta has had on our
children. I cannot
recommend Chatta enough."

Katie Hannah
EYFS Teacher

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