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Lyons Hall Primary School

Making an impact with chatta


In a short space of time it has already had a massive impact.

Gabrielle Deed, SENCo

Lyons Hall Primary School in Braintree, Essex is a large and successful school underpinned by the ethos: 

We believe if it works, we’ll do more of it, if it doesn’t we’ll do something different.

The school has been working with chatta since December 2015 and the school’s use of the approach has steadily grown due to the impact seen in early years, special needs interventions and parent partnerships.

Since starting to work with chatta, staff at Lyons Hall Primary School have engaged with:

  • In school training with the chatta team
  • Classroom demonstration sessions
  • Parent workshops
  • Chatta activity resources
  • Online and telephone support
  • Chatta’s special needs resources
Chatta Early Years

Chatta is an approach that we are using inside and outside the classroom to reinforce our teaching. The approach has very quickly become central to our practice and what we do in lessons. Teachers are extremely positive about it.

Andrew Smith, Executive Headteacher

This is such a powerful approach.

Gabrielle Deed, SENCo

Parent Workshop Session

Parents can be introduced to chatta at a short practical workshop which explains the approach and how they can be involved. At Lyons Hall, the session for parents introduced the chatta approach and the way it uses images to support language, learning and memory.

The parent workshop was fantastic and inspired everyone involved. There is a real buzz about using chatta from children, staff and parents.

Gabrielle Deed, SENCo

Early Years

At Lyons Hall the chatta approach is used in the early years classes to support whole class oral narrative activities. The emphasis is on modelling and rehearsing language, linking language to stories and sequencing.

Chatta enables ALL children to become the best learners that they can be in a fun and interactive way! The approach encourages greater vocabulary in full sentences and the children are attentive, engaged and confident.

Amelia George, Early Years Teacher


The chatta approach is used by learning support assistants with children of all ages across the school to support children with:

  • Speech and language difficulties
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Emotional and behavioural difficulties
  • Memory difficulties

It’s fantastic! So many different options…the possibilities are endless.

Stacey Harrington, Lead Support Assistant

It is a wonderfully effective but simple approach.

Karen Crouch, Learning Support Assistant

Chatta is an amazing ‘simple to use’ approach and the app can be used in so many tasks by any child to have successful learning. It’s so quick to learn and implement.

Jane Collins, Learning Support Assistant

Chatta provides opportunities for independent working.

Donna Andrews, Learning Support Assistant

Chatta helps those with poor working memory retain their ideas.

Jessica Hursit, Learning Support Assistant