A Parent Perspective – Using Chatta to Support Speech and Language

Here, parent Ceri talks about her experiences of using Chatta with her son.

“I first heard about Chatta from my Mum who had seen an article in the paper. I was desperate to be doing something to help William. At this point he had been referred for speech therapy nearly a year earlier and so far only had an initial assessment.  William was saying very little, he had very few single words and his pronunciation was poor, so even his few words might not have been recognised by people who didn’t know him.  He just didn’t seem interested in attempting to copy words or communicate with words. William took to the Chatta app straight away, it is simple enough for him to work himself and he enjoyed listening to his own voice once recorded. Something seemed to click with him and he started trying to say more and more. It also really helped with his pronunciation, within a couple of weeks he said a proper ‘Daddy.’


I started with one word level pictures, mainly family members and animals he liked. It wasn’t long before I moved up to two and three words. I am now looking at building sentences with him and have found the information on the website really helpful for ideas.


I have also found the Chatta app helpful to use alongside William’s speech therapy as I can take pictures of the activities we are working on for him to practise and also to show the speech therapist what he can and cannot do.

I really do feel that Chatta was the kick start that William needed to realise that he could use words to communicate with us.  Help has always been on the other end of an email and I am so pleased that we started using Chatta.”


To find out more about how Chatta can help you and your child contact us at hello@chatta.co.uk