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Launching 14th June 2017

Parents and Carers

Chatta enables parents to use digital technology effectively to support their child's development.

Chatta for Parents is an approach which helps them to support their child’s learning and development. Children love it and parents are reassured, guided and supported by chatta’s team of education experts. Nurseries and schools across the UK and overseas are using this innovation to give children the very best start in life.

Thank you so much for giving us a tool that can help my son move forward. I am speechless! Absolutely excited to see what he can achieve with this tool! All I can say is WOW! You have created something amazing. It’s so simple yet the results are instant! I can’t get my head around why nobody else has come up with this method of teaching.

Laura Stenton-Slater
Parent and Education Blogger, Sheffield

Laura explains how chatta has changed her son’s life on The Radio Humberside Breakfast Show on the 14th June 2017. 

How nurseries, schools, children's centres and childminders can engage parents and carers

Effective Interventions

The chatta approach is highly effective and will engage parents in home learning. Using chatta daily and consistently ensures that teaching approaches are shared in a stimulating and motivating way.

Maximise the impact of every lesson

Chats can be shared easily and quickly. They are instantly accessible by all parents on any digital device. The chatta approach provides schools with a very powerful and dynamic tool for home/school learning.

Parent Partnerships

Chatta enables best practice in your school or setting to be continued at home allowing learning outside of the classroom.

The little girl I look after is almost 3 years old and I have heard more language from her in the last few weeks by using chatta than she has ever used in independent play. Chatta is a fantastic tool; it is current, interesting and children love it!

Karen Shaw
Respite, Foster Carer

Support for all

The impact of a shared chatta approach is instantly evident. Some of the areas that can be supported by successful chatta partnerships include:

  • SEND Interventions
  • Communication and verbal fluency
  • Explaining and learning new methods
  • Building knowledge and understanding
  • Learning a new language at home in a stimulating and motivating way
Lady Checking a chat from chatta

*If you're a parent/carer and wish to get involved...

Online Guidance and Certificate

The chatta online guidance for parents provides a clear understanding of how chatta can support their child’s development. This simple and accessible training is an essential introduction to working with chatta.

What's Included?

  • Chatta for parents guidance videos and certificate
  • Activity ideas and bank of resources
  • Chatta App (iOS/Android)
  • Helpdesk support
Parent Graphic

I have been so impressed by how simple chatta is to use. After only a few weeks of using the app, my son is really enjoying it and I can see definite progress made in his speech. It’s not only simple to use but also great fun!

Guy Askew
Parent, East Riding
Chatta App Users Guide

Chatta App with User and Video Guide

The easy to use chatta app (iOS and Android) uses audio visual technology so that parents and carers can build up a diary of events, experiences and memories through photographs. Adults then record their own voices talking about the photographs. These descriptions provide a powerful model for the children to listen to, rehearse themselves and then replicate, linking language to their experiences.

*Chatta for Parents/Carers is available free via participating schools, nurseries, childminders and children’s centres

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