Giving children the best start in life

Chatta enables parents to use digital technology 
effectively to support their child's development

Chatta for Parents is an approach which helps parents to support their child’s learning and development. Children love it, parents are reassured, guided and supported by chatta’s team of education experts and nurseries and schools across the UK and overseas are using this brand new innovation to give children the very best start in life.

Online Training & Certificate 

The chatta online training for parents provides a clear understanding of how chatta can support their child’s development. This simple accessible training is an essential introduction to working with chatta.

What’s included?

  • Chatta for parents training and certificate
  • Activity ideas and bank of resources
  • Chatta App (iOS/Android)
  • Helpdesk support
Parents Graphic
Chatta App Users Guide

chatta App with User and Video Guide

The chatta app (iOS and Android) uses audio visual technology to build up a diary of events and memories. Adult descriptions provide a powerful model for the children to listen to and link language to their experiences.