Giving children the best start in life

Primary Schools
The chatta approach helps all children become
better communicators, readers, writers and thinkers

In summary, it is clear from this study that chatta has a marked impact on speech and language development in children considered able and average in this area and also those for whom a specific speech, language and communication issue had been identified. There is evidence of favourable results with regard to chatta being an extremely effective discrete intervention for children in the EYFS and/or with SLCN. This study demonstrates promising support for chatta as a discrete intervention. On this basis, we would recommend further study into the widespread use of chatta in the EYFS and with children with SLCN.

National Teaching School Partner Alliance
Year Long Independent Controlled Trial

chatta is an approach that we are using inside and outside the classroom to reinforce our focus on speaking and listening. The approach has very quickly become central to our practice and what we do in lessons. Teachers are extremely positive about it as part of wider learning support in the classroom.

Andrew Smith
Executive Head, Lyons Hall, Essex