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Chatta Welcomes Abbot’s Lea School as the first-ever accredited Chatta Centre of Excellence

Abbots lea school centre of excellence

It was an absolute honour to welcome Abbot’s Lea School as the first-ever accredited Chatta Centre of Excellence this term. The school has consistently shown just how much impact Chatta can have for every pupil. It has been inspiring watching the progress their pupils have made.


Abbot’s Lea caters for pupils aged 5 – 19, diagnosed with Autism, and often have other co-occurring difficulties such as Dyslexia and ADHD. 


Chris Williams, the founder of Chatta, visited the school to award their certificate personally. 

Chris has closely collaborated with the school during the remote learning period and, during his visit, also observed the Chatta method in action across the Key Stages.


Ms Sara Muršić, Head of Autism Research and Development at Abbot’s Lea, said, “Thanks to our class teams who have demonstrated exceptional teaching of language and oracy, as well as our continuous record-breaking activity on the Chatta software, we have proudly joined the Chatta family as the first accredited Chatta Centre of Excellence. It is a great honour to be able to model this award-winning approach and support other schools in developing students’ communication in a fun and visual way.” Sarah went on to add, “Chatta is far more than just an app. It is a method for visualising, modelling and practising communication from first words to practising oral presentations for job interviews.”


Chatta’s team has been impressed by the school’s application of the Chatta method and its impact on their pupils. Pupils such as Tyler have seen vast improvements in their communication since Chatta was introduced.


Chris Williams included the following praise for the school in his speech: “Congratulations to all of the school staff! Your school shows a commitment to giving students the very best opportunities in life as they grow through the school and enter the world beyond. The high impact, forward-thinking, inclusive educators in this school deliver something exceptional. I am proud that Chatta is associated with the wonderful staff of Abbot’s Lea School.”


We can’t wait to see what’s next for Abbot’s Lea and its pupils.

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