Chatta Scores HundrED Hat Trick

Chatta has been named as one of the world’s most inspiring innovations in education for the third year running. Global education non-profit organisation, HundrED, considered over 5,000 candidates for its 2021 Global Collection, and Chatta has repeated its successes of 2019 and 2020 by being selected as one of the top 100 most impactful education … Continued

Amazing Progress: Daniel’s Chatta Journey

Daniel has dyslexia. Daniel’s mum, Dianne, explains how the Chatta approach has helped him. How does Daniel use Chatta at home? We primarily use Chatta for School homework, however when we first got Chatta we had great fun sending postcards to friends and relatives. It was a great way of sending thank you notes, enabling … Continued

Huge Progress: Tyler’s Chatta Story

Tyler is 7 and is autistic. The Chatta Approach has been used by both Tyler’s school and his family. Tyler’s mum, Lindsey, explains here: How does Tyler use Chatta at home? Tyler uses Chatta daily at home taking pictures throughout the day. It maybe doing a activity, something he has shown a particular interest in … Continued

Chatta Changes Lives! Join Us

Chatta is a simple, powerful classroom approach which is used by teachers and teaching assistants and by families at home. The approach was designed to combine a number of proven methods which impact most strongly on learning and retention, including dual-coding, cognitive load theory and the cognitive theory of multimedia learning. Chatta is extremely simple, … Continued

Chatta And Dyslexia: The Thoughts of A Parent

The Chatta approach was designed to be used both in the classroom by teachers and at home. The simplicity and consistency of Chatta saves time in planning and preparation for teaching staff, but above all removes barriers to learning for all pupils. All subjects. All ages. All levels. The impact of teaching is rapid and … Continued

12 Schools Have Joined Chatta’s New Project Funded By The Shine Trust

SHINE is funding a groundbreaking new initiative to improve the communication and language skills of disadvantaged young children in Hull. Concern that only 68 per cent of children in Hull achieved the expected level of development at the end of the Early Years Foundation Stage in 2019 has led to the new programme involving 12 … Continued

Chatta in Helsinki

Chatta founder, Chris Williams, led workshops in schools in Helsinki last week as part of Helsinki Education Week. Chris was joined by Cheryl Bowers, Head of Early Years Workforce in Hull. There were many highlights of the week, the most exciting was the launch event of the HundrED Summit where Chatta was named as one … Continued

News just in: New data shows Chatta’s strong impact on progress in speaking

Brilliant news for Chatta:  Strong impact in Hull is leading to city-wide launch for families  Chatta’s impact in Hull. Chatta was introduced to families across the HU6 postcode area of Hull in Summer 2017 through regular family workshops, stay and play sessions. 512 families in this area have also accessed regular Chatta activities through the ‘Chatta … Continued

Dual Coding and Evidence Informed Teaching

Dual Coding and Evidence Informed Teaching “people learn more deeply from words and pictures than from words alone” Professor Richard Meyer The theory of ‘dual coding’, or the linking of images and words is a powerful method of teaching. “People can receive new information  visually or verbally and when images are linked  to words, they strengthen … Continued

10 different ways Chatta is making an impact on learning

How is Chatta used? Chatta’s main focus is oral narrative competence as evidence demonstrates that this is the most significant indicator of future writing competence. It is also why Chatta fits perfectly in supporting the government’s long term social mobility priority ambitions outlined in the document ‘Unlocking Talent, Fulfilling Potential’. Of course Chatta is used … Continued