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Modelled Language in the Classroom

As teachers, we model language all the time. Every word we say! It would be interesting to look at a transcript of the language a teacher uses at school and analyse the language used. Also to count the words, if people were paid according to words spoken teachers would be very high up the list … Continued

The Power of The Invisible Microphone

The practice of ‘thinking out loud’, unscripted speaking, turning thoughts into words in the here and now can be very valuable and is a skill which can feature as a matter of routine in many classroom activities. In any speaking activity in the classroom, it is important to think about the audience. Not just the … Continued

New Software Development: Have Your Say

Have your say! We are soon to be entering the next stage of our Software Development and have lots of new features planned including: Simple automated software registration Intuitive, folder-based user interface Folders and classes with sharing and feedback  Captions on images Integrated image search and retrieval ‘Undo’ button Up to 12 frames per Chatta … Continued

Introducing Chatta’s New Online Training

All teachers and teaching assistants working with Chatta have full access to our online Members’ Area. If you haven’t already registered you will need to register on the site with your email address and your own password. The site displays a subscription cost but entering your school’s unique coupon code will provide full access. If … Continued

Tracking Progress with Chatta: Quick and Simple Oracy Assessment

Tracking Progress with Chatta: Quick and Simple Oracy Assessment All schools working with Chatta can use our new assessment toolkit to give a snapshot of attainment and progress in spoken language development. Spoken language is at the heart of the Chatta approach. We’ve been supporting schools in unlocking literacy through oracy for a number of … Continued

How to create a dyslexia-friendly classroom – checklist included

The first step to creating a dyslexia-friendly classroom is to learn about dyslexia and understand the challenges a child with dyslexia faces during their time at school. Why a dyslexia-friendly classroom is important According to studies between 10% and 20% of people in the U.K have dyslexia. That’s potentially 13.33 million people in the U.K. … Continued

Chatta is one of the 50 most exciting companies in Yorkshire

Insider Media Award: 50 Most Exciting Companies in Yorkshire It is an exciting start to 2021 for the Chatta team and the schools and families we work alongside. Chatta has been named as one of 2021’s 50 most exciting companies in Yorkshire. Judges commented ‘The excitement about Chatta is your fabulous potential and being a … Continued

Teacher Coaching With Chatta: Classroom Impact Guaranteed

Chatta Training/ Teacher Coaching We can provide 1:1 teacher training and ongoing coaching to tailor the powerful classroom impact of the Chatta approach to meet the priorities and challenges of every teacher. Chatta is perfect for you If you are a teacher who: Wants to make a bigger impact in lessons Wants to make all … Continued

Chatta Christmas Activities (click link to download)


Chatta Scores HundrED Hat Trick

Chatta has been named as one of the world’s most inspiring innovations in education for the third year running. Global education non-profit organisation, HundrED, considered over 5,000 candidates for its 2021 Global Collection, and Chatta has repeated its successes of 2019 and 2020 by being selected as one of the top 100 most impactful education … Continued