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Chatta is one of the 50 most exciting companies in Yorkshire

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Insider Media Award: 50 Most Exciting Companies in Yorkshire

It is an exciting start to 2021 for the Chatta team and the schools and families we work alongside. Chatta has been named as one of 2021’s 50 most exciting companies in Yorkshire.

Judges commented ‘The excitement about Chatta is your fabulous potential and being a disruptor that everyone is talking about. We feel that you will one day be household names.’

This means a lot to us and we are proud that our impact and ambition has been recognised. We share the hope that one day Chatta will be making a difference for children and young people in more schools, in more cities, in more counties and more countries.

We would like to thank the team at Insider Media , our Chatta colleagues and investors from Mercia and The Northern Powerhouse, developers at Eon Media , our school development partner Pocklington School and all of the Chatta school staff and families who share their wonderful stories of the impact of Chatta.

It is a team effort and we could not do this without a large network of people who believe in us.


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