News just in: New data shows Chatta’s strong impact on progress in speaking

Brilliant news for Chatta:  Strong impact in Hull is leading to city-wide launch for families 

Chatta’s impact in Hull.

Chatta was introduced to families across the HU6 postcode area of Hull in Summer 2017 through regular family workshops, stay and play sessions. 512 families in this area have also accessed regular Chatta activities through the ‘Chatta Matters’ resource, and have access to the Chatta software.

The data from the PVI (Private, Voluntary and Independent Nursery) settings has also shown an increase in the percentage of children working at age related expectations (ARE) in the aspect of speaking.

In Spring 2017 speaking was the lowest aspect in the HU6 area with only 49.4% of children working at age related expectations but in Spring 2019 this had increased to 69.9% working at age related expectations, 20% point increase and almost 50% increase in the proportion of children achieving age related expectations.

In Speaking, 83.6% of children accessing Chatta’s Children’s Centre support in the HU6 area were working at the expected or exceeding level which is significantly above the national average of 65.9%.

Every Children’s Centre in the city will be promoting Chatta to families and there will be an opportunity for families to meet Chatta’s founders and make a start using Chatta at the National Play Day event in Hull city centre on August 7th 2019.

If you are interested in finding out more about this powerful impact data, or the study which found children at school using Chatta made 40% more progress than those in a control group please contact We are always interested in engaging further with the academy and research in education community.

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